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  May. 1957 Shigetoshi Yamamoto founded Yamamoto Store and started to buy, sale, produce and refine of precious ground metals
  Jul. 1976 Renewal of the organization to Yamamoto Precious Metal Co., Ltd.
  Sep.   Acquisition of the license for manufacture and sale of dental precious alloy
  May. 1978 Increase of the capital to 10 million yen
  Mar. 1980 Admission to Japan Gold Metal Association
  Jan. 1983 Admission to Japan Dental Materials Manufacturers Association
  Aug. 1986 Establishment of Tokyo Business Office
  Jul. 1990 Started construction of new factory at Otani industrial area in Kochi
Establishment of refinement department at Kochi Factory
  Jul. 1991 The first Kochi Factory opened
  Apr. 1992 Establishment of Tokyo Branch Office
  May. Increase of the capital to 50 million yen
  Apr. 1993 Completion of the second factory and new office in Kochi
Expansion of the head office
  Jul. 1994 Relocation of Tokyo Branch Office
  Nov. Establishment of Yokohama and Nagoya Business Office
  Jun. 1995 Establishment of the Analysis Lab in Kochi
  Oct. Acquisition of the admission of the Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Law by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  Apr. 1996 Renew of the main sales department to Osaka Branch Office
  Mar. 1997 Completion of the third factory and the first R&D Center in Kochi
  Sep. Establishment of Fukuoka Business Office
  Oct. Establishment of Hybrid Lab in Kochi
  Feb. 1998 Acquisition of the re-admission of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Law
  Jul. 1999 Relocation of Tokyo Branch Office
  Jan. 2000 Winning of Small and Medium Enterprises Research Center prize
  Feb. Establishment of Sendai Business Office
  Oct. Establishment of Nagoya Branch Office
  Apr. 2001 Start of Kochi manufacturing factory
  May.   Release of ZEO CE LIGHT, metal bond ceramics for dental use
  Mar. 2002 Awarded for contributions to industry and technology in Shikoku region
  Apr. Establishment of new Tokyo and Fukuoka Branch Offices
  Jun. 2003 Obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification
Obtained CE marking certification and released ZEO CE LIGHT in Europe
  Jul. 2005 Obtained Biological Science Safety Laboratory in Kochi University
  Jan. 2006 Released import products, Smile Line
  Aug. Started construction of Melting Factory in Kochi
  Nov Completion of Melting factory to enhance equipments for precious metal manufacturing/processing
Released second PFM brand, ZEOQUICK
  Jul. 2007 Establishment of Tokyo East / West Branch Offices
  Mar. 2008 Luna-Wing awarded as 22nd Kochi Prefecture Regional industry Award
  Apr. Approved as Sophistication of Basic Manufacturing Technology of Small and Medium Enterprises - 'Development of a new synthesis method of fine platinum group rare metal alloy powders for auto parts'
  Jun. Adopted as Regional Innovation Creation R&D Project - 'Development of a new synthesis method of fine platinum group alloy powders by using molten salts as reaction media'
  Dec. Obtained ISO 14001 certification

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